Dental CQC Inspection Certificate

A step-by-step guide to become an expert in Dental CQC inspection

Dental CQC Inspection Certificate

A step-by-step guide to become an expert in Dental CQC inspection
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12 months
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Want to improve your practice’s preparation for inspection day and beyond?

Your step-by-step guide to CQC Inspection – now including ready to use tools, checklists and templates!

What makes the Dental CQC Inspection Certificate different?

  • Our easy-to-use online system will let you work through the training at your own pace
  • Hear from our wide range of experts from consultants to lawyers specialising in dental practice inspections
  • Access to a wide range of tools, templates and checklists that you can download and start using in your practice straight away
  • Receive a specialist certificate at the end of your course to demonstrate your learning and preparation

Video lessons
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10+ HOURS OF CONTENT: Each module contains videos, worksheets, checklists, step by step guides, which are regularly updated to ensure they remain current and practical
8 FULL MODULES: All of our expert led videos can be accessed separately so that you can come back to individual topics anytime you need

The modules:

Module 1:
Legislation, guidance and ethical issues
National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidance
Record keeping – NHS, CQC and GDC requirements
The impact of GDPR on your practice
Changes to CQC inspections
Common areas of inspection failure
Module 2:
Is your service safe?
The safe recruitment of staff
Ensuring staff are fit and proper for their role
Safeguarding children and young people
Safeguarding vulnerable adults
What are inspectors looking for?
Implementing safeguarding processes and records
Whistle-blowing policies and procedures
MCA and DoLS and the proposed Liberty Protection Safeguards
Reporting concerns
Prevention and control of infection
Identifying areas for improvement – ready to use audit checklists, improvement plans, evidence checklists
Identifying risks and mitigating them
Module 3:
Is your service effective?
Assessing patient needs to deliver appropriate treatment
Auditing and monitoring outcomes
Record keeping – what’s required?
Adapting and designing premises to meet needs
Gaining informed consent to treatment
Implementing quality assurance
Identifying areas for improvement – audit checklist, improvement plan, evidence checklist
Module 4:
Is your service caring?
Treating people with compassion, kindness, dignity and respect
Confidentiality for patients
Involving patients in decisions about their treatment
Supporting patients with the treatment
Informing patients of proposed treatment, costs, benefits and risks
Providing a caring environment
Creating a culture of compassionate care
How will inspectors judge the care you provide? – audit checklist, improvement plan, evidence checklist
Module 5:
Is your service well-led?
Developing a vision and strategy
Engaging and involving people
Leadership and culture
Using quality assurance to encourage continuous improvement
Auditing your provision to drive improvement
Gaining feedback from staff and the people who use services
Developing an agenda for improvement
Introducing change for improvement
Implementing effective policies and procedures
Ensuring continuous improvement and sustainability
Demonstrating effective leadership to inspectors – audit checklist, improvement plan, evidence checklist
Carrying out performance management and supervision
Clinical audits to monitor quality of services
Providing robust staff training and development
Module 6:
Preparing for and managing inspection day
Data collection and analysis
What documents do you need to prepare – a checklist for the day
Training your staff for inspections
Introducing the day with a presentation
Planning your day
Who should be available?
Conduct of inspectors
Requesting feedback
The draft report
Challenging an inspection report
Module 7:
Gaining staff buy-in to CQC compliance
Staff awareness of responsibilities
Building trust in the team
Resolving conflict and procedures involved
Holding staff to account
Gaining commitment
Getting the fine level of detail
Gaining staff buy-in to CQC compliance
Module 8:
Is your service responsive to people’s needs?
Is your service meeting the needs of its users?
Planning and delivering services to meet people’s needs
Successful complaints handling
Treatment plans – examples and templates
Taking account of the needs of different people
Procedures and policies for responding to complaints and concerns
Patient feedback
Identifying areas for improvement – audit checklist, improvement plan, evidence checklist

Course Content


Downloadable tools, checklists and templates for CQC Inspections
Downloadable tools, checklists and templates for CQC Inspections

50+ videos
50+ videos

Dental CQC Inspections Certificate

Dental CQC Inspection Certificate
Achieve the outcome your dental practice deserves
Become an expert in CQC inspections
Understand how inspectors judge your practice on the 5 key questions

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