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School Nurse Certificate

Certificate is now live!
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School Nurse Certificate

Certificate is now live!
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There has never been a more challenging time for School Nurses. The impact of Covid on student health and well-being has been huge. On top of the additional work this will bring, you still need to find time to update your knowledge and carry out CPD.

Our comprehensive School Nurse Certificate guides you through the biggest challenges faced by School Nurses, to help you keep up-to-date on the latest guidance, policies and regulations.

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Upon successful completion of the course you will be able to:
Save time on administration and paperwork
Effectively prepare for inspections
Understand how you can better support student mental illness
Audit your infection control procedures to ensure they are sufficient for current challenges
Support pupils who are struggling with eating disorders and self harm
Ensure your procedures are in place for asthma and allergy management
Make sure that your immunisation and vaccination programmes are as effective as they can be, overcoming common challenges
HOW DOES IT WORK? Consisting of 9 different modules, this unique online training allows you to work at your own pace and saves your place if you want to return to it another time. Once you’ve completed all modules, you’ll be able to download your certificate to demonstrate you have undertaken your School Nurse Certificate Training, and keep a log in your CPD records.
Modules are released weekly.

The Modules

Module 1:
The role of the school nurse in 2021
The impact of Covid 19
Current challenges in schools
Managing your ever-expanding workload
Module 2:
Supporting student mental health
Increasing mental illness amongst children and young people
Mental health first aid
Supporting students to recover from the impact of Covid
Identifying mental health concerns
Working with the mental health lead
Managing confidentiality
Supporting students with gender identity issues
Module 3
Asthma and allergy management
Understanding the current situation for children and young people
What you need to know to make an asthma diagnosis
An overview of the latest guidance Inhaler devices and techniques, including self-management plans
Management of student allergies
Handling urgent care situations
Module 4:
Improving your infection control practices
Auditing your processes and procedures
Infection control after Covid
Common pitfalls
Module 5:
Paperwork, policies and procedures
Successful management of soft tissue injuries
Dealing with concussion and cervical spine injuries
Practical worked examples for assessment and management
Module 6:
Sports injuries
Successful management of soft tissue injuries
Dealing with concussion and cervical spine injuries
Practical worked examples for assessment and management
Module 7:
The role of the school nurse in Inspections
Understanding the inspection process
The role of the school nurse
Preparing and presenting evidence
Module 8:
Eating disorders and self-harm
Your role in supporting eating disorders and self-harm in your school
Exploring successful strategies
The importance of early recognition and intervention
Thresholds for referral and when to seek help
Supporting boys with eating disorders
Module 9:
Immunisations and vaccinations
The role of the school nurse in successful vaccination programmes
Communicating with parents and guardians
Covid vaccinations

Course content

Learning modules

Online learning modules
Online learning modules

Training videos
Training videos

Self-assessment tests
Self-assessment tests

Certificate of Completion
Certificate of Completion


Rebecca Batt
Asthma and Allergy Expert
Rebecca Batt: Asthma & Allergy expert, and a Registered Adult and Sick Children’s Nurse. She has gained a wealth of experience nursing sick children at several major hospitals including The John Radcliffe Oxford, Great Ormond Street Hospital, London and the Hospital for Sick Children Toronto, Canada. Her background includes Paediatric Surgery and Intensive Care as well as working as an Asthma Nurse Specialist for Asthma UK.
Samantha Garner
Consultant & Trainer
Samantha Garner is a well-established consultant and trainer in the world of SEN and Mental Health. Originally a music teacher, she has worked in the SEN arena for over 15 years and spent time in a large secondary school where she set up a specialist behaviour unit. After this time she qualified as a CBT therapist and child and adolescent counsellor. Sam has trained and consulted in the whole spectrum of educational establishments from PRUs to very prestigious private schools. She is a published author of several mental health support programmes and regularly writes for SEN magazines.
Kate Adams
Independant School Nurse
Kate Adams works as an independant School Nurse in a special educational needs school in West Yorkshire. Her areas of interest are risk management and mental capacity assessment and she has been published in SEN magazine and The British Association for the Teachers of the Deaf writing on sexual decision making within mental capacity legislation. Kate is the National Association of Special School’s 2019 award winner for ‘outstanding impact’ having designed a suicidal intent and self harm pathway to support residential school staff when working in the evenings and overnight.
Emma Hammett
Qualified nurse and award-winning first aid trainer
Emma Hammett is a qualified nurse and award-winning first aid trainer with over 30 years’ healthcare and teaching experience. Emma founded First Aid for Life prompted by the need for top quality first aid training, taught by knowledgeable medical and emergency services professionals. Emma has published multiple books and is an acknowledged first aid expert and authority on accident prevention, health and first aid. She writes as first aid expert for numerous online and print publications including the Nursing Times, British Journal of School Nursing, British Journal of Child Health, SENCO magazine, Early Years Childcarer, HeadTeacher, Primary School Management, Huffington Post, British Dental Journal, numerous newspapers and regularly features on the radio and on TV. First Aid for Life trainers are highly experienced medical, health and emergency services professionals who will tailor practical training to your needs. They specialise in first aid for staff and pupils in schools and run training throughout the UK. They also have a superb range of engaging and interactive online first aid courses on www.onlinefirstaid.com that provide verifiable CPD and are ideal to upskill topics such as Managing Medication in Schools and Anaphylaxis, Asthma, Diabetes, Epilepsy annual refreshers. They also have a great range of free resources to teach first aid to pupils in School.

School Nurse Certificate

School Nurse Certificate
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