School Attendance Officer Online Certificate (Level 1)

This is a comprehensive online course for School Attendance Officers

School Attendance Officer Online Certificate (Level 1)

This is a comprehensive online course for School Attendance Officers
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12 months

Your step-by-step guide to managing and improving School Attendance – including tools, checklists and templates you can use in your setting!

What makes the School Attendance Officer Certificate different?

  • Our easy-to-use online system will let you work through the training at your own pace
  • Hear from our top expert specialising in all school attendance topics
  • Access to a wide range of tools, templates and checklists that you can download and start using in your school straight away
  • Get practical advice and tips on managing the entire attendance process
  • Recieve your specialist certificate at the end of your course to demonstrate your learning and preparation
  • The course is CPD accredited

9 full modules
40+ videos
Downloadable tools, checklists and templates for School Attendance Officers

Video Lessons
Access 24/7
How will this help you in your role?
Everything you need to know about school attendance without leaving your school
Access to tools to help you make your job easier
Minimise the time you spend on preparation
Make staff training easy
Save money on consultant fees

The Modules

Module 1:
Attendance and the law
Roles and responsibilities of Schools and Local Authorities
The Legal Framework
Parental Responsibility
Statutory School Age
The law and enforcement in relation to non-school attendance
Code of Conduct for Issue of Penalty Notices
Module 2:
Attendance and the law - Keeping pupil registers
Legal requirements for keeping Pupil Attendance Registers
Accurate use of absence and attendance codes
Housekeeping and challenging poor register taking
Lesson monitoring
First day calling/absence procedures
Module 3:
Attendance, Safeguarding and CME
Understanding Attendance as a potential indicator or abuse of Neglect
Children Missing Education
Policy and Procedures
Module 4:
Developing a whole school policy and approach to improve school attendance
School Policy
Roles and Responsibilities
Consultation with Parents
Module 5:
Understanding and using attendance data
Individual Groups and whole school
Understanding data
Identifying patterns and trends
Producing reports
Module 6:
Attendance and Inspection
Understanding the Inspection Framework in relation to attendance
Pre and Post Ofsted
Module 7:
Working with children and families and others to improve attendance and reduce PA
Escalating approach
Working with parents
Home visits
Chairing Meetings
Assessment and Action Plans
Multi Agency Working
Module 8:
Understanding the reasons for Persistent absence (PA) and poor attendance
Understanding Persistent absence as a measure
Understanding the reasons for and causes of Persistent Absence
Assessment in complex cases
PA and SEN
PA and Mental Health
PA and School Refusal
Module 9:
Addressing concerns about Punctuality
Recording and Monitoring late arrivals
Strategies for improving punctuality for individual children
Whole School Approaches to improving Punctuality

Course content

Learning modules

Online learning modules
Online learning modules

Training videos
Training videos

Self-assessment tests
Self-assessment tests

Certificate of Completion
Certificate of Completion

School Attendance Officer Online Certificate (Level 1)

School Attendance Officer Online Certificate (Level 1)
Equipping you with essential knowledge to build on your role
Flexible learning
Access to tools to help you make your job easier

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