Mindfulness in Practice

Comprehensive mindfulness programme for individuals

Mindfulness in Practice

Comprehensive mindfulness programme for individuals
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12 months

A comprehensive mindfulness programme


Mindfulness practice in the workplace translates directly into improved employee health, by reducing stress, improving resilience, and promoting effective relationship building amongst teams. This means happier, more productive staff and a more resilient company overall.

A body of qualitative evidence supports findings that mindfulness improves workplace functioning and productivity, including:

  • Staff resilience
  • Stress reduction
  • Communication and teamwork
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Decision-making
  • Performance

Amid a growing awareness of the costs of absenteeism, presenteeism and staff turnover associated with stress and mental health problems, workplace mindfulness-based training courses have found positive effects on burnout, wellbeing and stress.

That’s why this unique, 8-week online training programme is ideal for organisations who are looking to reap the benefits of mindfulness.


Video lessons
Access 24/7
How it works
Give access to your staff: Why not sign up all your staff on the Mindfulness in Practice course? It’s an excellent employee benefit, and we offer discounts for multiple users.
Real-life examples: We use real case studies and methods used by our specialist.
Practical application: The course avoids theory-heavy lectures, and instead offers learning in practical, bite-sized modules that participants can complete in their own time. Combine science and practicality for a strong understanding of the materials and increased confidence in applying learnings.
High quality materials: Expert materials and step-by-step training to prepare your staff for specific situations with in-depth guidelines and scenarios. All materials are regularly updated to reflect new findings and best practice, ensuring participants always have up-to-date materials throughout the subscription’
Flexible and mobile learning mode: Materials are available 24/7 online, meaning participants can access the course in their own time. Our programme will remember their progress, so they can come back to it when it suits them and revisit the course whenever they need.
Good investment: An online course saves time and money compared to traditional face-to-face events or expensive consultants.
Certificate of completion: Upon completion of the course, participants can download a certificate documenting their professional development.

The modules

Module 1:
The basics of mindfulness
Meet your trainer
Course overview
What does mindfulness mean?
The definition of mindfulness
Mindfulness versus meditation
How do we practice mindfulness?
Scientific evidence of mindfulness
Organisational benefits of mindfulness
Neurological response: the brain
Attitudes of mindfulness
Guided meditation
Home practice: mindful eating
Module 2:
Understanding stress
Reflecting on the past week
Understanding stress
Acute stress
Episodic stress
Chronic stress
The role of perception
Dealing with stress – unhelpful coping mechanisms
Stress response scale
Guided meditation
Home practice: stress patterns
Module 3:
Improving resiliency to stress
Resilience and responding to stress
Reflecting on the past week
Common challenges with a meditation practice
What is resilience?
The brain
Pausing, noticing, responding
Guided meditation
Home practice: breath-based and tension relieving
Module 4:
Mindful decision-making
Reflecting on the past week
Check-in practice
Mindful decision-making
Why do emotions drive us?
Mindfulness allows the human to catch-up
Mindfulness and sunk-cost bias
Decisions and emotions
Triangle of awareness and guided meditation
Home practice
Module 5:
Improving focus
Reflecting on the past week
What is focus?
Singular and divided focus
Do we have control over our focus?
Planting seeds within
Strengthening focus through mindfulness
Counting the breath
Walking meditation
Hatha yoga
Home practice
Tips on minimising external distractions
Module 6:
Performance and creativity
Check-in practice
Creativity and performance
Creativity, stress and the brain
The creative process
How does mindfulness fit in?
Body scan
Home practice
Module 7:
Mindful communication and teamwork
Mindful communication and teamwork
Mindful communication
Difficult conversations
Past and future
Mindfulness in relationships
Benefits of mindful communication within teams
Steps to practice mindful communication
Insight dialogue by Gregory Kramer
Internal-external awareness practice
Module 8:
Mindful actualisation
Mindful actualisation
Daily mindfulness tools part 1
Daily mindfulness tools part 2
Daily mindfulness tools part 3
Daily mindfulness tools part 4
Daily mindfulness tools part 5
Daily mindfulness tools part 6
Daily self-care tips
Cultivating self-compassion
What are your values in life?
Mindfulness and morality

Course content

Learning modules

Online learning modules
Online learning modules

Training videos
Training videos

Self-assessment tests
Self-assessment tests

Certificate of Completion
Certificate of Completion


Kerry Stevenson
Mental Resilience Trainer
Meet your trainer, the renowned Kerry Stevenson from Mind Over Monkey. Kerry is a UK Network-Registered Mindfulness Teacher and Coach and will share her experience and in-depth subject knowledge with you throughout the training.

Mindfulness in Practice

Mindfulness in Practice
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