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Headteacher's Executive PA Certificate (Level 3)

Expand your skills to become a Headteacher’s PA that’s ready for future challenges!
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Headteacher's Executive PA Certificate (Level 3)

Expand your skills to become a Headteacher’s PA that’s ready for future challenges!
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12 months
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The challenges of the last academic year has highlighted just how crucial the role of the Headteacher’s PA is to the efficient running of a school. However increased responsibilities doesn’t always result in increased training, despite the need to develop the skills to adapt to future challenges.

That’s why, in accordance with requests from the Headteacher’s PAs on our level 1 and 2 course, we have created the brand new Headteacher’s PA Certificate (Level 3).

Note: This is a stand-alone course, so it isn’t a requirement to have taken Levels 1 and 2, but it is recommended. 

Core objectives for level 3 include:

★ Have a clearer understanding of the roles and responsibilities in your school

★ Learn management and leadership skills to liaise effectively at all levels

★ Know how to set targets for your team and carry out performance management

★ Gain insight into essential HR skills for managers

★ Know how to look after the mental and physical wellbeing of you and your team

★ Implement effective personal development to develop your role.

Video Lessons
Access 24/7
Why this particular course:
Our unique system will let you work through this specialist training programme at your own pace and at a time you choose.
You will be able to test your knowledge along the way with quizzes and tests to identify gaps in your knowledge.
Hear from our range of education experts on all aspects of your role.
Access tools, templates, checklists and policies that you can download and start using straight away in your school.
Access the training anytime, anywhere, in a format that suits you, either on your computer, tablet or mobile.

The Modules

Module 1
Roles and relationship building (part one)
Your role and working with others
Understanding the role of the Attendance Officer
Understanding the role of the Exam Officer
Understanding the role of the Admissions Officer
Understanding the role of the Leadership team
Module 2
Roles and relationship building (part two)
Understanding the role of the Headteacher
Understanding the role of the SENCO
Understanding the role of the chair of governors
Organisation social responsibility and ethics
Media and public relations
Building relations with parents
Module 3
Management and team leadership
Managerial skills and managing up
Leadership skills
Problem solving
Dealing with difficult people
Setting targets
Carrying out performance management
Retention and motivation
Managing a budget
Module 4
An introduction to HR skills for managers
Absence and leave
Maternity, paternity and adoption
Conflict and dispute resolution
Discipline and grievance
Avoiding discrimination
Restructuring staff
Termination of employment
Module 5
Wellbeing and self-care
Understanding mental health issues
Supporting your mental health
Creating a healthy work environment
Tackling work related stress
Supporting staff with personal difficulties, including bereavement
The benefits of flexible working
Gaining work/life balance
Module 6
Career and personal development
Developing goals including how to develop your role
Understanding the ‘big picture’ of organisation goals
Identifying the urgent/important aspects of your role
Identifying your strengths and weaknesses
Tools for managing your workload
Developing your personal image including on Linkedin
Improving communication skills


John Viner
Education writer, adviser and inspector
John Viner has taught in both primary and secondary schools, with a long history of successful primary school leadership. He is now a full-time writer, inspector and adviser.
Steve Burnage
Expert practitioner, consultant, and trainer
Having spent over 25 years teaching and leading high schools across the UK, Steve is a sought after as an expert practitioner, consultant, and trainer. He specialises in developing effective school leadership; and the key areas of outstanding learning and teaching including inclusive learning, positive behaviour management, marking, feedback and assessment, performance management, staff development, coaching and mentoring and the performing arts. Steve writes, delivers and hosts training and consultancy in schools, colleges, academies and conference venues throughout the UK, Europe, The Indian Subcontinent, Central and southern Asia and the Middle East as well as supporting organisations in planning, producing and delivering on-line and blended learning education courses. Steve is a principal examiner and lead trainer for Cambridge International Examinations, The International Baccalaureate, and the British Council. In addition, Steve is the lead trainer for Cambridge online professional development across the world. Steve writes a regular column for several UK education publications and is currently writing a teacher development training manual for an international publisher.

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Headteacher's Executive PA Certificate (Level 3)
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