CQC Inspections Specialist Certificate

CQC Certificate

CQC Inspections Specialist Certificate

CQC Certificate
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12 months
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Getting to outstanding: Make sure you are prepared for inspection day and beyond!

Inspection day doesn’t have to be so daunting once you have completed the CQC Inspection Specialist Certificate. Our unique online course is designed to support you with every step of the increasing demands of CQC inspections.

What makes the CQC Inspection Specialist Certificate different?

•Our unique system will let you work through this specialist training programme at your own pace

•You’ll be able to test your knowledge along the way with quizzes and tests to identify gaps in your knowledge

•Hear from our wide range of experts from consultants to lawyers specialising in CQC inspection

•Access to a wide range of tools, templates, checklists and policies that you can download and start using straight away

•Download your specialist certificate at the end of your course to demonstrate your learning

Video lessons
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How it works
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10+ HOURS OF CONTENT: Each module contains videos, worksheets, checklists, step by step guides, which are regularly updated to ensure they remain current and practical
11 FULL MODULES: All of our expert led videos can be accessed separately so that you can come back to individual topics anytime you need

The modules

Module 1:
The current regulatory framework
Changes to the CQC inspection ‘The Next Phase of Regulation’
Changes anticipated for 2018/2019
Common areas of inspection failure
Module 2:
Is your service safe?
Protecting people from abuse and avoidable harm
Current guidance and the legal framework surrounding safeguarding
Main changes to the KLOEs
What are inspectors looking for?
Safe medication management
Identifying areas for improvement
Identifying areas for improvement
Module 3:
Is your service effective?
Current guidance and legislation
Assessing service users’ needs to deliver appropriate care
Monitoring outcomes
Training staff to deliver effective care
Encouraging staff to work together to improve care
Evidencing effectiveness of your care
Identifying areas for improvement
Module 4:
Is your service caring?
Treating people with compassion, kindness, dignity and respect
Involving service users in decisions about their care
Respecting privacy and dignity
Providing a caring environment
Creating a culture of compassionate care
How will inspectors judge the care you provide?
Module 5:
Is your service responsive to people’s needs?
Is your service meeting the needs of its users?
Providing personalised care
Personalised care plans – the do’s and don’ts
Personalised care plans – examples and templates
How to identify specialised needs
Is treatment being provided in the right timeframe and without undue delay?
Procedures and policies for responding to complaints and concerns
Module 6:
Is your service well-led?
Auditing your provision to drive improvement
Developing an agenda for improvement
Introducing change for improvement
Implementing effective policies and procedures
Demonstrating effective leadership to inspectors
Performance management
Providing robust staff training and development
Module 7:
The new Provider Information Collection Forms (PIC)
Implementation plan
What do you need to complete and when?
How to complete you PIC
How to complete you PIC
Common pitfalls to avoid
Module 8:
Preparing for inspection day
Data collection and analysis
What documents do you need to prepare – a checklist for the day
Training your staff for inspections
Module 9:
Managing an inspection on the day
Introducing the day with a presentation
Planning your day
Who should be available?
Module 10:
Challenging an inspection report
Common problems with inspections reports
What should you challenge?
Factual accuracy
How to challenge judgements
Evidencing your concerns
Module 11:
MCA and DOLs and the proposed Liberty Protection Safeguards
The Mental Capacity Act
Assessing capacity
Keeping up-to-date with DoLS – case law update
From application to authorisation
The best interest principle
Record keeping and presenting data to CQC
The proposed Liberty Protection Safeguards – what will it mean in practice

Course content


100+ Training videos
100+ Training videos

11 Self assessment tests
11 Self assessment tests

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CQC Inspections Specialist Certificate
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