Advanced SENCO Certificate

Advanced online certificate created for your SENCO

Advanced SENCO Certificate

Advanced online certificate created for your SENCO
Education form
12 months
Advancement level

There have been many changes and barriers to education for children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) in the last few years. One of the biggest challenge schools face is making their settings inclusive and with the impact of COVID-19, this will continue to be a complex area that’s difficult to address without adequate support.

The brand new Advanced SENCO Specialist Certificate will help you better support your pupils with SEND.

How it works:

It consists of 5 online modules that you complete in your own time, at your own leisure. Each module consists of learning materials plus online videos and quizzes along the way, to make sure you’re absorbing what you’re learning.

At the end of the course you will be able to download a certificate of completion which you can use to show Ofsted that you are being proactive in taking Advanced SENCO training.

Video Lessons
Access 24/7
How it works
SIGN UP: Sign up to get the access to all unique resources, lessons and tools that will help develop your role as a SENCO
15+ HOURS OF CONTENT: Each module contains videos, worksheets, checklists, step by step guides, which are regularly updated to ensure they remain current and practical
5 FULL MODULES: All of our expert led videos can be accessed separately so that you can come back to individual topics anytime you need
TESTS: At the end of each module, you’ll have the opportunity to test your knowledge and get to grips with any outstanding areas for improvement

The Modules

Module 1:
SEN & Strategic Leadership
Developing a whole school commitment to inclusion of all students
The SENCo as a strategic role. Effective coaching and mentoring off SEN staff
Ensuring equity of access across all provisions
Setting up a school wide SEN support team
Module 2:
SEN & Education Regulations
SEN & Safeguarding Regulations
SEN & Attendance Regulations
Supporting SEN students working from home/online
Adapting the curriculum to best meet the needs of SEN students
Making ‘reasonable adjustments’ as required by The Equality Act 2010
Module 3:
SEN in the Classroom
Supporting collaborative and problem-solving approaches
Developing in-class collaborative/group learning as part of daily practice
Setting up an SEN resource bank for everyone to access
Supporting teachers to embrace differentiation and multi-sensory teaching.
Module 4:
The SEN Student
Diagnosis and labels – are they necessary, do they have a negative or positive effect
Developing resilience in SEN students
Supporting SEN students to work as independently as possible
Can’t or won’t? Distinguishing SEN difficulties from neurotypical child development
Working in partnership with parents
Module 5:
Latest research and developments
Dyslexia – what’s new with regard diagnosing and supporting
Autistic Spectrum Disorder – what’s new with regard diagnosing and supporting
ADHD – what’s new with regard diagnosing and supporting
SEMH – what’s new with regard diagnosing and supporting
Physical/sensory impairment – what’s new with regard diagnosing and supporting

Course content

Learning modules

Online learning modules
Online learning modules

Training videos
Training videos

Self-assessment tests
Self-assessment tests

Certificate of Completion
Certificate of Completion


Samantha Garner
Consultant & Trainer
Samantha Garner is a well-established consultant and trainer in the world of SEN and Mental Health. Originally a music teacher, she has worked in the SEN arena for over 15 years and spent time in a large secondary school where she set up a specialist behaviour unit. After this time she qualified as a CBT therapist and child and adolescent counsellor. Sam has trained and consulted in the whole spectrum of educational establishments from PRUs to very prestigious private schools. She is a published author of several mental health support programmes and regularly writes for SEN magazines.

Advanced SENCO Certificate

Advanced SENCO Certificate
Equipping you with essential knowledge to build on your role
Flexible learning
Access to tools to help you make your job easier

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