Access Arrangements Online Certificate

This unique online training course has been designed and written specifically for Exams Officers.

Access Arrangements Online Certificate

This unique online training course has been designed and written specifically for Exams Officers.
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Keeping up-to-date with changes and updates to access arrangements guidance can be time consuming. This online certificate guides you through your responsibilities, from policies and procedures to logistical considerations. This is the essential course for current Exams Officers wanting to keep their knowledge up-to-date and new Exams Officers who want an advanced understanding of access arrangements.

This unique online training course has been designed and written specifically for Exams Officers.

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How does it work?
Our easy-to-use online system will let you work through the training at your own pace
You’ll be able to test your knowledge along the way with quizzes and tests to identify gaps in your knowledge
Access to a wide range of tools, templates and checklists that you can download and start using in your school straight away
Download your specialist certificate at the end of your course to demonstrate your learning and preparation

The Modules

Module 1:
Access Arrangements Background
Access Arrangements Background
The Equality Act 2010
What is considered a reasonable adjustment
The main principles Access Arrangements
Qualifications covered
GDPR & Access Arrangements
Module 2:
Role and Responsibilities
The role of the Head of Centre
The role of SENCo
The role of the Assessor
The role of teaching staff
The role of the Exams Officer
The role of the Invigilator
Module 3:
Access Arrangements Part 1
History of need
Establishing normal way of working
Learning Difficulty Form 8 application
Other need SENCo file note application
Making applications online
Moving from GCSE to GCE
Module 4:
Access Arrangements Part 2
Supervised rest breaks
Extra time
Computer reader/reader
Scribe/Voice activated software
Language Modifier
Module 5:
Access Arrangements Part 3
Read aloud
Practical assistant
Word processor
Live speaker
Communication Professional
Alternative accommodation
Bilingual dictionaries
Modified Papers
Module 6:
Assessment regulations
Assessor requirements
Selecting assessments
Using external assessors
Private assessments
Assess EAL students
Module 7:
Types of inspection
Evidence required for inspection
Storing evidence electronically
What happens on inspection day
Inspection follow up
Module 8:
Rooming regulations and guidance
Training AA Invigilators
Preparing students to use Access Arrangements
Emergency Access Arrangements Private candidates
Module 9:
Formalising Procedures
Writing an Access Arrangements Policy
Working with parents
Dealing with external AA requests e.g. medical letters
Managing last minute requests
Module 10:
Updates/changes to regulations

Course content

Learning modules

Online learning modules
Online learning modules

Training videos
Training videos

Self-assessment tests
Self-assessment tests

Certificate of Completion
Certificate of Completion


Samantha Garner
Consultant & Trainer
Samantha Garner is a well-established consultant and trainer in the world of SEN and Mental Health. Originally a music teacher, she has worked in the SEN arena for over 15 years and spent time in a large secondary school where she set up a specialist behaviour unit. After this time she qualified as a CBT therapist and child and adolescent counsellor. Sam has trained and consulted in the whole spectrum of educational establishments from PRUs to very prestigious private schools. She is a published author of several mental health support programmes and regularly writes for SEN magazines.

Access Arrangements Online Certificate

Access Arrangements Online Certificate
Equipping you with essential knowledge to build on your role
Flexible learning
Access to tools to help you make your job easier

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